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Our Mission

Beauty, Style, and Peace of Mind.  

Welcome to the premiere salon for Men and Women seeking to celebrate their God given beauty and appeal. Understanding that beauty begins within, MSalon One is committed to maintaining an atmosphere and a level of service that calms your spirit and your mind. 



Each beauty consultant and stylist is prepared to extend or enhance your look with an array of beauty solutions ranging from razor sharp cuts and vibrant colors to understated natural hues and the preserved look of long flowing hair.



Conveniently located in the heart of Historic Tampa, Florida, MSalon1 design team has over 40 years of combined cosmetology and beauty consultation experience.  Following in the tradition of Nationally recognized platform artist and stylist Micheline Barber, MSalon One's team is committed to making your next visit to the salon an experience in Beauty Style and Peace of Mind.

Our team


Micheline Barber

Owner & Operator of MSalon One

Whether she’s perfecting a short sophisticated cut or inspiring future stylists across the globe, Micheline Barber’s determination and dedication to excellence has garnered her reputation of a global leader in the cosmetology industry.  More than two decades ago, Micheline began her career as a student at the Dudley Institute in North Carolina. There, her sense of humor, fiery presentations and high octane energy helped her quickly rise to the top of her class. She soon began working as a national and international platform artist for Dudley Q, but now she is a national platform educator for Basic Hair Care Ambassador and National Trainer for Mpact Beauty.

Micheline has served as a teacher and motivational speaker to stylists in Martinique, Brazil, the Caribbean and Europe. Known as “Mo Money Mich” to her peers and clients, she has been featured in local and national news publications, including Black Hair Sophisticate and Modern Salon. Micheline is the owner and operator of MSalon One, a popular salon in Tampa, FL. Her salon has received the distinguished 2008, 2009 and 2010 Steve Harvey “Hoodie Award” for Best Beauty Salon. Micheline and MSalon One‘s generosity extends beyond the hair business, with yearly contributions to The Lupus Walk, National Breast Cancer Association, The Alpha House (for young pregnant teens) women’s groups and charities. Giving back to the community is not only expected but a must. Her motto for both hair and life: “The seed that you plant is always the one that’s going to grow. You just have to water it and watch it grow.”

marcus alexander

Elite Design Team

A Licensed professional barber for 8 years, offering a strong work ethic, attention to detail and the need to keep reinventing the industry. While providing exceptional grooming services and the client experience.


I have traveled around the country educating for MPact Beauty and Basic HairCare where I am the Grooming Line ambassador. I believe in professionalism which goes hand in hand with my Marcus Alexander Signature Experience.

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