About Us

Beauty, Style, and Peace of Mind.  

Welcome to the premiere salon for Men and Women seeking to celebrate their God given beauty and appeal.  
Understanding that beauty begins within, 
MSalon1 is committed to maintaining an atmosphere 
and a level of service that calms your spirit and your mind.  

Each beauty consultant and stylist is prepared to extend or enhance 
your look with an array of beauty solutions ranging from 
razor sharp cuts and vibrant colors to understated natural hues 
and the preserved look of long flowing hair. 

Conveniently located in the heart of Historic Tampa, Florida, 
MSalon1 design team has over 40 years of combined  
cosmetology and beauty consultation experience.  
Following in the tradition of Nationally recognized 
platform artist and stylist Micheline Barber, 
MSalon1's team is committed to making your next visit to the salon 
an experience in Beauty Style and Peace of Mind.